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List of All Services

Fire Investigation Services

• Florida License Number: A1800032

Geotechnical Engineering Services

• Sinkhole Investigations
• Full, Statutorily Compliant Sinkhole Investigations
• Peer Reviews
• Preliminary Site Evaluation
• Sinkhole Indicator Screening
• Existing Condition Documentation
• Structural Damage Assessment
• Collapse Evaluation
• Foundation Evaluation
• Crack Monitoring

Shallow Soil Testing

• Hand Auger Borings
• Push Penetrometer Testing
• Exploratory Excavation

Deep Soil Testing

• Standard Penetration Test Boring
• Cone Penetrometer Test Boring
• Laboratory Soil Classification

Pre-Development Activities

• Site Feasibility Studies
• Landfill Siting Pre-Qualifications
• Muck Probes
• Soil Mapping and Classification

Design Support Services

• Shallow/Deep Foundation Design Capacities
• Foundation Settlement Predictions
• Sinkhole Remediation Design
• Retaining Wall Design
• Underdrain Evaluation and Design
• Exfiltration and Seepage Analysis
• Pavement Design
• Groundwater Control Mechanisms
• Borrow Pit Studies
• Retaining walls
• Permeability Analysis
• Percolation Tests

Structural Engineering Services

• Structural Failure Evaluation
• Construction Defects
• Scope of Repairs
• Remediation Plans to Repair Sinkhole Damage
• Remediation Monitoring
• Extent of Structural Damage from Perils
• Floor Tile Inspections
• Relative Floor Elevation Contour Mapping
• Collapse
• Roof Evaluations
• Ladder Evaluations
• Slip & Fall
• Storm Damage Evaluation
• Lightning Damage Evaluation (Structural)
• Termite Damage Evaluation
• Evaluation of Pool Damage
• Ingress/Egress Evaluations
• Vibration Damage Assessment
• Construction Accident Investigations

Geological Investigations

• Regional Geological Evaluations
• Karst Evaluation and Characterization
• Evaluation of "sinkhole indicators" as non-karst conditions
• Sinkhole Risk Evaluations
• Sinkhole and Sinkhole Activity Identification
• Slope Movement Identification
• Evaluation of Deleterious Soils (Shrink- Swell Clay, Organic Soils, etc.)

Water Resource Investigations

• Minimum Flows and Levels Determinations
• Groundwater and Surface Water Hydrology
• Contamination Fate and Transport

Geophysical Site Characterization

• Structural Forensics (non-destructive testing)
• Seismic Refraction and Reflection
• Ground Penetrating Radar
• Electrical Resistivity (ER, 2DER, MER, and EM)
• Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW)
• Magnetics
• Utility and Tank Location
• Vibration Monitoring
• Borehole Geophysics
• Marine and Lacustrine Sub‐Bottom Profiling

Environmental Services

• Water and Moisture Damage Assessments
• Cause and Origin Investigations
• Microbial Evaluations
• Remedial Protocol Development
• Remediation Monitoring
• Post-Remediation Assessments
• Chemical, Biological, and Physical Hazard Assessments

Litigation Support Services

• Expert Witness Support of Jury and Bench Trials at the Local, State, and Federal Court Levels
• Assistance in Alternate Dispute Resolution