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Sdii Global, LLC stands ready to assist in your catastrophic claim resolution support needs and has resources in place. Be it Wind v Surge, Roof, Collapse, Intrusion C&O or any other catastrophic response need, we have the engineering resources in place to assist you and your team.

Our engineers are all extensively experienced with catastrophe response as it relates to forensic engineering support, the majority of who have been working storms since Hurricane Andrew. SDII is recognized as an industry leader in the completion of Wind versus Surge Investigations and  Roof and Water Intrusion C&O Investigations throughout the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard.   Our Team excels during CAT events, by ensuring that structural and engineering experts are immediately available to meet client needs.   Investigations and reports are completed accurately with expedient turn times.  

Recently one of the largest carriers affected by Hurricane Sandy quantified that SDII results were the best of the 10 partner/vendors utilized by the carrier in that event.   Completion times, quality and accuracy metrics confirmed SDII’s commitment to timely delivery of only the highest quality work.  Proven results like this confirm our commitment to provide the resources and logistical wherewithal to respond efficiently to any catastrophic claim environment.
Some additional details on our services and service areas:

SDII’s professionals are licensed in 47 states, across the United States, to ensure accelerated responses during a CAT event.   As a full service forensic engineering firm, we are prepared to provide property claim resolution support including assessments of:  

Wind v Surge, Roof Damage, Hail\Windstorm Damage, Water Intrusion Cause and Origin, Fire Cause and Origin, Fire Reparability, Electrical Cause and Origin, Floor Evaluations, Collapse/Structural Integrity, Slip and Fall, Foundation/Subsidence Investigations, Sea Wall and Other Marine Claims Support, and Litigation Support and Expert Witness. Our experts are capable of providing litigation support at the highest levels, with experience that includes local, state, and federal court systems.

Referral options:
SDII has a centralized system for all incoming claim referrals directed to a single point of contact, regardless of project location or scope.
  • Email: You can send us an email with the claim number, loss address, insured info and contact, as well as a brief description of the scope of the requested investigation.
  • Website: You can also user our website's Assign a Claim page.
  • Telephone: You can always call in an assignment at any time, 800-454-7344 (SDII).
Service Level Commitments:
  • Email confirmation of project receipt within 12 - 24 hours (typically within 1 – 2 hours)
  • Contact insured or insured representative within 24 - 48 hours (unless otherwise requested, we understand that situations develop that require immediate response, and all Rush situations are handled quickly and efficiently)
SDII prides itself on being able to provide definitive answers to the specific questions you need answered, in expedited timeframes, at competitive rates.