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Geotechnical Engineering Services

SDII has performed over 7,400 sinkhole investigations, 1,300 post stabilization monitoring projects and hundreds of peer reviews over the past ten (10) years. The project management team, starting with the Project Manager and ending with the President of SDII, verify that projects are performed in accordance with our core processes and completion standards. Our internal benchmarks are part of an operational system that SDII software programmers have developed to facilitate the oversight of the entire 22-step investigative process, from initial assignment, through final review and transmittal of the final report. SDII’s operational system is the most efficient and effective way to manage the many aspects of a sinkhole investigation and control the wide array of resources necessary to complete the work accurately, compliantly, and on time.

Subsidence Investigation

Sinkholes are a form of ground subsidence that can develop slowly over time or suddenly and unexpectedly. This subsidence occurs when rock or soil migrates into voids in the limestone beneath. Many factors can cause this migration, including movement of water, vibration, or loss of support.

While sinkhole damage can be significant, there exists many other sources of potential structural harm that might be responsible.  That’s why it is important to have a team of qualified professionals conduct a comprehensive investigation to effectively determine the actual cause of structural distress and protect the interest of both the insurer and insured.

SDII is focused on service. We provide quality, timely, and cost-effective sinkhole investigations. Based on our extensive experience from thousands of sinkhole investigations performed throughout Florida, SDII has established itself as the preeminent expert in identification of confirmed sinkholes and sinkhole claims, regardless of loss causation.

SDII conducts statewide subsidence investigations following the rigorous protocols outlined by Florida Statutes 627.706 and 627.707 regarding accurate sinkhole assessments. Our multi-disciplinary approach is unparalleled and ensures that all facets of the investigation are combined under a single cover. Every project utilizes experts in the fields of geology, geophysics,and geotechnical, geological, and structural engineering. Our technical leadership is experienced in litigation support and have been admitted as experts in various ADR forums and courts of competent jurisdiction throughout the State of Florida.

Through the development of highly efficient technological process workflows, SDII is able to provide the timely completion and delivery of all components of a statutorily compliant sinkhole investigation. SDII consistently meets its industry-leading performance standard of 30 days from claim referral to report completion and transmittal.

Our Standard Scope of Subsidence Testing Includes:

• Site reconnaissance investigation
• Ground penetrating radar or other appropriate geophysical surveys
• Hand auger samples
• Test pit excavation
• Documentation of all damage
• Interview with the insured
• Floor elevation map preparation
• Structural evaluation
• Laboratory soil analysis
• Standard penetration test borings and/or cone penetrometer sounding

Remediation Monitoring

SDII also provides structural services for monitoring the remediation of subsurface repair. SDII’s Remediation Monitors go through an extensive written and practical training program that can take over a month to complete. SDII understands the true value and importance of having a qualified employee (never utilizing subcontracted labor) on-site during all remediation activities that fully comprehends the required testing methodologies and standards associated with repair processes. SDII’s Remediation Monitors ensure that the selected remediation contractor follows applicable industry standards and takes all necessary precautionary measures to ensure efficient and cost-effective implementation of the recommended remediation plan.

Upon completion of the remediation process, an SDII senior professional engineer will compile a Completion Report and issue a signed and sealed letter of certification indicating the remediation was performed in compliance with the required specifications.