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Sinkhole Screening Inspections

The SDII Global Corporation (SDII) Sinkhole Screening Property Inspection, (“SSPI” or Sinkhole Survey), is a thorough data gathering and documentation process that may be incorporated into either policy point of sale or the policy renewal process by the insurance carrier for personal or commercial risk underwriting strategies. The inspection is conducted by a trained SDII Inspector, not outsourced or sub-contracted, who gathers data and photos inside the dwelling, outside the dwelling, around the property, and in the surrounding neighborhood. The Inspector then records the information into an automated, hand-held field inspection computer tablet at the site. The data elements are then uploaded to SDII’s corporate office wherein supplemental, site-specific information is gathered from various other sources, such as the County Property Appraiser website. These are then integrated into the report. The report is then quality reviewed by the Inspection Services Team, including the Director, and transmitted to the homeowner and the carrier for their records and review.

A major, value-added component of the report is that the compilation of findings in the report are weighted and scored by category including, but not limited to, condition, actuarial, environmental, and geologic issues. The weighting and scoring were developed in house by Dr. Sam Upchurch, Vice President and Head of SDII’s Geology Division. This scoring system is totally customizable, whether used in part or in total, based on the carrier’s priorities, business requirements, risk tolerance, and acceptance.

The SSPI work process flow is as follows:

• The homeowner, sales agent or insurance carrier requests an on-site screening inspection evaluation through SDII. The request can be made online
• Charges for the screening are then arranged via credit card. Cost can be paid by the carrier, co-shared between the carrier and homeowner, or 100% borne by the homeowner. Batch billing is also available to the carrier
• Site visit arrangements are completed by SDII with the homeowner within 1 business day
• The inspection site visit (which includes all the data gathering and photo documentation) is completed within 5 business days of assignment, unless specifically requested by the Homeowner
• The final report is prepared electronically and mailed and electronically transmitted to the carrier and homeowner after a comprehensive quality review and approval process by the SDII Inspection Services team, including the Director. The client determines who the recipient(s) of the report will be predicated on best business practices and operational requirements

To request access to the Sinkhole Screening Property Inspection website, click here. Once registered, to access the SSPI website, click here.